Supporting activities

On December 12, 2022 Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum and the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum officially opened. Co-directed by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, with co-sponsorship from the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Ecological Environment Bureau, and the Longgang District People's Government, the forum had initiated the open solicitation activity for the selection of “City Green Low-Carbon Scene Demonstration Bases” in early October, which was prior to the event’s commencement. As of December 11, numerous companies had registered to participate. By combining the application conditions, company qualifications, and relevant materials, expert committees ultimately confirmed eight major project outcomes as selected for Shenzhen’s Green and Low Carbon Scenic Demonstration Bases. They are:

  • 01.ShenNeng Environmental Protection Nanshan Energy Ecological Park

    Created through the collaborative efforts of the Shenzhen Municipal Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and the city-owned enterprise Shenzhen Energy Co., Ltd., this is an integrated ecological park combining production, education, publicity, research, and tourism.

  • 02. IBR Future Complex

    Located in the core area of the International Low-Carbon City in Shenzhen, it’s a flagship project of China-EU sustainable urbanization cooperation and the first international cooperation project in Shenzhen’s International Low-Carbon City initiative.

  • 03. China Emissions Exchange Co., Ltd.

    Approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in September 2010, it seized the opportunity of Shenzhen being included in the first batch of low-carbon pilot cities and carbon trading pilot provinces and cities. It launched the first carbon trading market in China and all developing countries, which is an integrated professional organization combining roles as an exchange, research institute, think tank, training center, and laboratory.

  • 04. Shenzhen Saixi Industrial Green and Low-Carbon Standardized Scenic Demonstration Base

    With an intersection of industrial and information technology with carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality, it is an emerging fusion experience center of green manufacturing + intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet + green and low carbon.

  • 05. Shenzhen Pingshan Smart Park Green Rail Transit

    Located in the Pingshan Smart Park of BYD headquarters, the route runs east-west and connects core areas such as living areas, production areas, and office areas, ensuring the safe operation of rail transit and addressing complex transportation needs, thereby realizing low-capacity rail transit to divert traffic like capillaries.

  • 06. Dashi Intelligent Building

    Serving as Dashi Intelligence’s new headquarters base, it sets a benchmark for the company in the field of smart city development and represents the first voluntary carbon-neutral green building in Shenzhen.

  • 07. Antuoshan Headquarters Building Near Zero Carbon Emission Park

    As one of the low-carbon core pilot projects of the Futian District Dual Carbon Plan, this building is equipped with “five self” capabilities—self-generation, self-emergency, self-optimization, self-networking, and self-trading. It breathes new life into the building, transforming it from green to super-low-energy, nearly zero-energy construction.

  • 08. Xinqiao Shiju Near Zero Carbon Emission Demonstration Community

    As Shenzhen’s first near-zero carbon and sustainable development demonstration community, it is planned and constructed based on the principles of “one center, two themes, three dimensions, five sectors, and six standards”, with an aim to finally form a replicable and scalable zero-carbon and sustainable development demonstration community.

The identification of these Eight Green and Low Carbon Scenic Demonstration Bases is a crucial part of the 2022 Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum and the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum. It also showcases Shenzhen’s achievements as a pioneering city in China’s reform and opening-up, one of the first low-carbon pilot cities, a carbon trading pilot city, and an innovative demonstration area for the sustainable development agenda. Therefore, we are delighted to present the green and low-carbon scene demonstration base certification ceremony for the eight projects during today’s major achievements announcement. We appreciate the oversight from various sectors of society in recent times and the evaluation by the expert committees. We are pleased to have guests and viewers join us today, both at the forum venue and online, to witness this grand occasion.