Supporting activities

Launching Ceremonies for Major Projects

During the opening ceremony of the 2023 Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum & Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, the influential release session showcased numerous impressive green and low-carbon achievements. The event encompassed six activities, including the release of research reports, standards and certifications, and award ceremonies.

1、Research Report Release  Release the Shenzhen Green Development Annual Report(2023)



Report Issuer:ZHOU Jianqi

Executive President and Researcher of Development Research Think Tank of China

The green and low-carbon development in Shenzhen is a systematic, long-term effort characterized by continuous policy refinement, progressive implementation, and steadfast specific initiatives. Since 2023, there have been breakthroughs in technological innovation, advancements in industrial development, and crucial roles played by platform construction and the digital transformation of enterprises. The city has systematically advanced initiatives in energy digital management, low-carbon transportation, green building, and creating livable cities, with comprehensive layouts and pilot demonstrations. Positive outcomes have also been achieved in international cooperation. The report covers eight parts:

1. Top-level Design for Green and Low-carbon Development Continues to Advance

2. New Breakthroughs in Green and Low-carbon Technology Innovation

3. High-quality Development of Green and Low-carbon Industries Takes a New Step Forward

4. Taking the Lead in Digital Energy Management

5. Building a Green and Low-carbon Transportation System Comprehensively

6. Accelerate the Pace of Building Greening Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading in the Modern Construction Industry

7. Creating a Green, Low-carbon, Eco-livable City

8. Continuing Green and Low-carbon Open Cooperation


2、Policy Release

Release the Shenzhen Green Low Carbon Technology, Equipment (Products) Promotion Catalog (2023 Edition)

Green and low-carbon initiatives represent a collective pursuit for humanity and are essential for cities to achieve sustainable development. Shenzhen adheres to an innovation-driven development strategy, empowering green and low-carbon development through technological innovation, and expediting the establishment of a circular economic system for green and low-carbon development.

In 2023, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, in collaboration with relevant departments, focused on serving both the national and global markets. Taking into account the industrial foundation, development direction, and core requirements, they extensively solicited forward-looking technologies and key core products (equipment) for green and low-carbon industries. Through open selection, expert reviews, argumentative optimization, and public announcements, they compiled and formulated a catalog for the promotion of green and low-carbon technologies, equipment, and products.



3、Platform launch ceremony

Launch of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification Public Service Platform



The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is one of the most open and economically vibrant regions in China. Pioneering the alignment with international carbon standards, the GBA's exploration holds significant importance for promoting green "Belt and Road" cooperation and integrating the Hong Kong and Macau regions into the national development framework.

On October 18, 2022, the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, in conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission and the Ecology Environment Bureau, released the "Work Plan for Establishing Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification in the Greater Bay Area to Promote Green and Low-Carbon Development (2023-2025)." This initiative involved multiple rounds of specialized discussions, accounting drills, and technological breakthroughs, leading to the authoritative launch of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification Public Service Platform.

Carbon footprint has emerged as a new invisible barrier in international trade, responding to new demands for domestic green consumption. The launch of the Greater Bay Area Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification Public Service Platform will facilitate the region's green and low-carbon transformation, promote international mutual recognition cooperation in green and low-carbon initiatives, and contribute to achieving the GBA's carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.


4、Standard Publishing

Publication of the Group Standard Guidelines for the Construction and Evaluation of Carbon Emission Management Systems


On the path of achieving high-quality development, carbon emission management proves to be an effective strategy for enterprises. To optimize corporate management mechanisms and guide businesses in addressing pressures from green trade barriers, the Guidelines for the Construction and Evaluation of Carbon Emission Management Systems, a group standard, has been introduced. Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, the Shenzhen Emissions Exchange took the lead as the drafting unit for this group standard, actively advancing its formulation.

Incubated by the China Energy Conservation Association, the group standard was officially released in November of this year.


5、Unveiling Ceremony

Establishment of the Shenzhen New Energy Storage Industry Association



Under the dual carbon goals, vigorously developing the new energy storage industry holds significant importance for promoting comprehensive green transformation in economic and social development. The new energy storage sector is a key driver for the high-quality development of new energy sources. Shenzhen boasts the world's best ecosystem for the energy storage industry, with a vast market and tremendous development potential.

The municipal party committee and government in Shenzhen are highly committed to the development of the new energy storage industry, implementing a series of policy measures to seize global opportunities in the energy storage industry and accelerate the creation of a world-class city for new energy storage pioneers. In response to new opportunities in market development, and under the dedicated guidance of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Shenzhen New Energy Storage Industry Association has emerged at an opportune moment.

6Awarding for 2023 Urban Green and Low Carbon Scenario Demonstration Base



In order to effectively promote the development of urban green and low-carbon industries, the organizing committee of the forum selected the first batch of eight city green and low-carbon scene demonstration bases in 2022. These bases have achieved good results in spreading green and low-carbon concepts and sharing experiences in green and low-carbon development. This year, the award ceremony for the 2023 Urban Green and Low Carbon Scenario Demonstration Bases saw a total of 12 declared scenes awarded the title of demonstration base. They are:

[list of the 12 bases].Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Engineering Demonstration Project

Guanlan Base, a Near-Zero Carbon Emission Park

Yijing Kindergarten of Luohu District, Shenzhen

BIOSPHERE 3 · Dameisha Vanke Center

SCPG Haylion Comprehensive Supercharging Experience Center for New Energy Vehicles

Longgang Energy ecological Park

Luohu Zhihui Square Near-Zero Carbon Emission Building Pilot Project

Futian Wastetwater Purification Plant

Shenzhen Jintian Primary School

Baiwangxin Intelligent Computing Center

Skyworth Maker World Science and Technology City

Shenzhen North Station Integrated Transportation Hub Photovoltaic Storage Integration Demonstration Project