Supporting activities

2018“Blue Sky Award in the Global Green and Low-carbon Field” initiated the collection and selection of two major awards.

2018 BlueSky Award for Global Green and Low Carbon Field Ceremony


The BlueSky Award is an international award issued under the guidance of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for contributions in global green and low carbon development, with Global Green Low Carbon BlueSky Award Organizing Committee hosting the ceremony. The aim of the BlueSky Award is to promote the industrialization and wide application of green low -carbon technologies and guide the way of green living and sustainable development.




一、2018 Prize Presentation of BlueSky Awards for Global Pioneer CitieofGreen and Low Carbon Development


Lyon ofFrance


 Chengdu  China


Shenzhen China


二、2018 Prize Presentation of BlueSky Awards for Excellent Individuals with Great Contributions of Green and Low Carbon Development


ZHU Xiaoming,Director of the Ethnic, Religious and Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee.

Mark Levine

America Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Researcher


三、2018 Prize Presentation of BlueSky Awards for Global Leading Technlogy with Best Value of Investment of Green and Low Carbon Development


HDT monocrystal silicon high efficiency heterojunction solar cell technology of GS-SOLAR (China) Company Ltd.


Radial flow electrostatic precipitation and complete set of equipment of Beijing Huanengda Power Technology Application Co., Ltd.


The fecal waste classification and treatment technology for the large-scale dairy farm of Inner Mongolia Huameng Kechuang Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.


Intelligent device for flue gas recirculation energy saving and emission reduction of Beijing Zhicheng Hongye


Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.


1,3-propanediol produced by Tsinghua University, Guangdong Qingda Zhixing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,


and Tsinghua Dongguan Innovation Center through biodiesel by-product fermentation

The linear fresnel solar thermal power station of Beijing Zhaoyang Solar Thermal Technology Co.s Ltd.


Coal chemical concentrated brine zero emission and crystalline salt recovery technology

of Shenzhen Energy Resources Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd.


Thermal energy Organic Raniine Cycle power generation technology of Nanjing Tica Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.


15kW vertical axis wind turbine of AXOWIND Holdings, Australia


Research and application of flame retardant straw-based board core manufacturing technology of Xinyang Meili Zhenhao New Straw Material Technology Co., Ltd.