Shenzhen-California Clean Technology Cooperation
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The "Shenzhen-California Clean Technology Innovation Center" co-founded by the Energy Commission of California, Shenzhen National Hi-tech Industrial Innovation Centre and Shenzhen International Low-carbon and Clean Tech Innovation Center, was recently inaugurated. The government representatives led by Robert Wiesen Miller (governor representative), Chairman of California Energy Commission, and Wu You, Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, among others, attended the event. 


During the launch ceremony, Mr. Wu You delivered a speech and congratulated Shenzhen and California on their cooperation in innovative clean technology. Chairman Wiesen Miller, representing the governor of California, USA, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Establishing a Partnership on Low-carbon Development and Clean Technology with Yu Jing, the Deputy Director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission.

Chairman Wiesen Miller also signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Establishment of Shenzhen-California Clean Technology Innovation Center" with Cai Yu, Director of Shenzhen National Hi-Tech Industrial Innovation Centre and Liu Fuer, Director of Shenzhen International Low-carbon and Clean Tech Innovation Center, and performed the inauguration of Shenzhen-California Clean Technology Innovation Center.

During the event, Chairman Wiesen Miller emphasized the importance of international cooperation in global response to climate changes, especially the cooperation between local governments in the promotion of climate goals. Shenzhen and California both encourage and support innovation and cooperation in low-carbon clean technologies. Local enterprises and research institutes in Shenzhen and California are encouraged to make full use of their respective innovation advantages and low-carbon & clean technology resources as well as cooperating with each other in aspects such as technical exchange, platform construction, establishment of funds, talent introduction, etc. through the Shenzhen-California Clean Technology Innovation Center established with the joint efforts of Shenzhen National Hi-Tech Industry Innovation Centre, Shenzhen International Low Carbon and Clean Technology Innovation Center and other clean technology network partners so as to increase the level of practicability and effectiveness of cooperation and joint efforts in the response to climate change and promotion of green low-carbon innovation and development. The actual implementation of this project also represents a new stage with respect to cooperation between China and the United States at the level of local governments.

California government delegation also visited Shenzhen Clou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Das Intellitech Co., Ltd., Shekou Container Terminals and other local enterprises in an effort to get acquainted with the status and prospects of clean technology development in Shenzhen.

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