Green Travel Becomes Increasingly Fashionable, Propelling ofo Daily Orders to Reach over 32 Million
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At present, sharing bicycles are favored by thousands of citizens for their convenience and low cost, and have become an important means to encourage green travel. The usage of some sharing bicycles has also reached a historical high. According to the latest data released by ofo on October 30, daily orders exceed 32 million, once again setting a historical record of daily order in the sharing bicycles industry, making it the world's largest sharing travel platform. Compared with the same period last year, ofo daily orders grow by over 31 times, so ofo becomes the fastest growing platform in the sharing bicycles industry.


On October 30, ofo sharing bicycles, the originator and leader of sharing bicycles, announced the launch of “100 Yuan Package” super welfare activity for new users, advocating more urban residents to join the green low-carbon travel: starting from 0 o'clock of October 31, all the new users of ofo (users not paying the deposit) could get “100 Yuan Package”, including one 99 yuan deposit-free voucher and a one yuan month card; new users getting the Package may also enjoy the deposit-free ride service free of charge within one month.

This “100 Yuan Package” activity is targeted at nationwide users. It is noted that new and old users can only get this welfare by the “100 Yuan Package” shared by other users, and can share with friends for endless times after getting the welfare. Users not paying the deposit can get one 99 Yuan deposit-free voucher and a one yuan month card for free, and enjoy the deposit-free ride service free of charge for a month; users paying the deposit and Zhima Credit deposit-free users (old users) can get a one yuan month card for free and enjoy free ride service for a month.

The industry insider holds that since this year, ofo has initiated numerous forms of welfare activities in succession, such as daily free ride, national red packet bicycle, 1 yuan month card, Double Seventh Festival card collection, National Day card collection, Super Friday, etc.. ofo has taken the lead to speed up the nationwide popularization of a new concept of green travel by sharing bicycles, and its industry-first brand influence also constantly deepens the understanding of more users. Now, ofo innovatively launches the “100 Yuan Package”, motivating more people to join the green low-carbon travel by the zero-threshold “free deposit-free ride” welfare, and making more contributions to urban energy conservation and emission reduction.

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According to the latest data in September from iResearch, a domestic authoritative third-party data organization, ofo’s monthly active users increased to 71.44 million, ranking first in the industry for five consecutive months; the monthly usage by active users increased to 1.74 billion, twice that of the second place, showing a continuous robust growth momentum. In addition, according to the latest data from QuestMobile, iimedia and Cheetah Global Lab, the market share of ofo ranked first, showing a strong growth rate.

So far, ofo has connected more than 10 million sharing bicycles worldwide, yielding more than 32 million daily orders, providing over 4 billion times of efficient, convenient, green low-carbon travel service to more than 200 million users from over 180 cities across 17 countries, and ofo has also become the world's largest and most valued sharing bicycle platform. Seven out of ten sharing bicycles ridden on the street are ofo sharing bicycles. ofo has also been honored as China's “New Four Great Inventions” by foreign young people and CCTV.

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