Media Paying Earnest Attention to the Fifth Shenzhen ILCC Forum
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After the press conference for the Fifth Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City (ILCC) Forum was held on August 24, its contents have attracted the attention of numerous media at home and abroad. Newspapers, TV, radio, websites and other new media made the reports from multiple angles and sides with respect to the theme of the Forum, its progress of preparation, and its future positive role in low-carbon economy, sustainable development and response to climate change. believed: This Forum will present the five characteristics of being high-end, professional, international, practical and low-carbon. The topics to be mainly discussed, including the experience and practice in promoting “South-South Cooperation”, the goal and path of low-carbon city development, the opportunities and challenges of energy revolution, the innovation and practice in green financial system, and the responsibility and undertaking of enterprises in low-carbon development, will have the forward-looking effect.

Hong Kong Commercial Daily stated: This year, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area has been lifted as the national development strategy. Shenzhen has been making explorations and attempts in pushing ahead low-carbon sustainable development of PRD city group and promoting green and low-carbon cooperation. Equivalent to the high-level international forums such as Davos and Boao Forum for Asia, this ILCC Forum will invite UN organizations, World Bank, Global Environment Facility, World Wildlife Fund, C-Team and other famous international organizations in the climate change field to jointly hold the meeting, and a theme event “Italy Day” is specially set, and this is the new level of the Forum when it comes to the Fifth Session. reported: The Forum adheres to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, serves China’s significant strategies of response to climate change and “One Belt One Road” and serves the industrial transformation and upgrade and supply-side structural reform. It will enable the participants to understand the latest achievements in green and low-carbon development in an all-round manner and better play the platform role in promoting the practical exchanges in the green and low-carbon field and deepening international cooperation. reported: Shenzhen ILCC Forum is gradually becoming an important window for showcasing the achievements in green and low-carbon development and an important platform for unfolding practical cooperation in the green and low-carbon field. As a young city with a history of only over 30 years, Shenzhen has created the miracle of rapid industrialization, urbanization and modernization, and it has made active explorations in green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Today, Shenzhen has owned the carbon trading market established the earliest and featuring the most active transactions in China, its carbon emission and energy consumption intensities are at the lowest level in China, it takes the lead in promoting new-energy automobile and green buildings, and its mean concentration of PM2.5 is of the best level among the vice-provincial and above cities. The Forum will benefit Shenzhen and will also play the guiding and exemplary role for other cities.

Numerous domestic and overseas main media including, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Science and Technology Daily, China Reform Daily, China Environment News and have used much space to report the relevant contents of this event.

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