Green Sharing Suddenly Emerging Like a Gale
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The practice of green sharing is currently springing up in different cities. The office, bicycle, charging device and umbrella sharing is quickly expanding, which has greatly reduced the energy consumption of the cities and improved the governance effect of urban environmental protection and ecological environment.


Recently, when Pan Shiyi of SOHO China published the corporate performance in Hong Kong, he said, if SOHO has been built houses in the past over 20 years, then from now on, it will make use of the built houses to the maximum extent. What he values is the brand of office space sharing. It is reported that SOHO Group is vigorously launching SOHO 3, an office space sharing brand. Currently, it has 19 centers in Beijing and Shanghai with about 17, 000 workstations, 80% of which have been rented on average. Pan Shiyi mentioned that, next step, the SOHO 3Q project will fully unfolded in more cities including Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The sites for the expansion will be focused on the core sections of the cities and the usable area will be larger than 4000 m2, and at least 800 workstations will be set up. “If such conditions are available, every SOHO 3Q project expanded by SOHO should be profitable next step”. As the office space sharing can more effectively improve the use efficiency and reduce waste and energy consumption, it is good news for both urban environment and entrepreneurs.


What is more famous than the office space sharing is the bicycle sharing such as Mobike and ofo which have swept the country. This July, the Mobike APP was launched 648 million times, an increase of 8% on a monthly basis; and ofo was launched 432 million times. This April, Mobike had full access to WeChat and by scanning the QR code on the bicycle, the users can unlock it; and ofo also announced to settle in Alipay. These two platform-level traffic entrances have brought a large number of active users. Due to the convenience of bicycle sharing, many office workers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing have given up driving cars to and off work. They take subway and near the destination station, ride Mobike or ofo to the company or go home, thus drastically saving time, parking fees and oil cost, avoiding the traffic jam on their way and sharply reducing tail gas emissions and air pollution.


Enlightened by bicycle sharing, in early 2017, the umbrella sharing began to emerge in China and was put into trial use in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiansu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Umbrella sharing has also been favored by many people. A large number of umbrellas are placed at subway stations, business districts, residential areas, campuses and hotels and become a new pattern of sharing economy. As umbrella sharing conforms to the eco-friendly concept of green travel and resource saving, also reflects a kind of humane care and releases dense urban tenderness, it has obtained great support from the government. 

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