Low-carbon tour in SZ
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The organizing committee has designed two low-carbon experience routes for guests to experience Shenzhen's representative green and low-carbon buildings, urban landscapes, and Hakka culture during the Fifth International Low Carbon City Forum.

Shenzhen was the first Special Economic Zone that China established for the reform and opening up, serving as a window of China's reform and opening up. It has now developed into an influential international metropolis, known as "Creative City" and "City of Design." The low-carbon experience activities have three highlights and are open to guests of the forum.

Highlight 1:

Shenzhen Das Intellitech Building: Das Intellitech has made the building highly intelligent and energy-saving of the 5A standard of intelligent buildings. With the gold green building certification by American LEED, it is one of the five industrial tourism parks designated by the Nanshan District Government and approved as the first popular science education base of energy-efficient building in Shenzhen.



Highlight 2:

Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park: On the east of the park is a mangrove forest nicknamed the “Green Wall;” on the west is the enchanting plants promenade along Binhai Road; on the south is the vast Shenzhen Bay; on the north is the flat and wide Binhai Road. The unique geographical location of the park makes it a great place for tourist to have a direct view of the sea and the mangrove forest.



Highlight 3:

Gankeng Hakka Town: The town is a diversified and complex tourist destination recently built by OCT. It combines local folk customs, countryside leisure, eco-vacation, cultural display and popular science education in Shenzhen.





Time: On the afternoon of Sept. 8

Meeting place: Shenzhen International Low Carbon City or The Coli Hotel

Route 1: Shenzhen Das Intellitech Building →Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park

Route 2: Gankeng  Hakka Town



Time: September 7 or on the morning of Sept. 8

Place: Southeast Corner, Hall C, Shenzhen International Low  Carbon City

Eligibility: attendees of the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum

Fee: Free

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

Add: 608A, Block B, Zhongshen Garden Building, Futian District, Shenzhen




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