Environmental protection technology center to settle in Longgang
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The decision made by the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Shenzhen Municipal Government to hold the 2013 International Low Carbon City Forum in Longgang has become a driver for the introduction of low-carbon and green technologies and industry transformation and upgrading, according to Liu Wei, a member of the Standing Committee of Longgang District Committee of the CPC, at the press conference for the Fifth Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum.


For four years since the holding of the forum, Longgang has achieved great development. Its GDP was 214.3 billion yuan (US$32.8 billion) in 2013 and 317.7 billion yuan in 2016, representing an annual growth rate of 14 percent. Meanwhile, the energy consumption per 10, 000 yuan of GDP has reduced from 0.458 ton of standard coal in 2013 to 0.231 ton in 2016, representing an annual average drop of 25.6 percent, which is far higher than the growth rate of GDP. This fully shows that, by virtue of the low-carbon brand, Longgang has made achievements in green and low-carbon economy.


Recently, the district has released the development plan for the scientific innovation industry to continue supporting the strategic emerging industries featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption and low carbon emissions. Longgang District Government has set up a green and low-carbon revolving fund of about 1 billion yuan. Those who are engaged in green renovation and green buildings can be granted a subsidy of up to 15 million yuan. The first group of projects that Longgang is examining recently will soon be released.


By virtue of the low-carbon city brand, Longgang is putting great efforts in developing the green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection industry. For example, recently the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been preparing for the construction of the Belt and Road Environmental Protection Technology Center, which will gather high-end, precise and cutting-edge environmental protection technologies of the countries along the Belt and Road. Now the center, currently going through the registration formalities, will settle in Longgang. At the end of this year, it will be put into use. On top of that, China’s highest-level National Shop Truck Laboratory, on which Longgang is still negotiating, is also to settle in the district.


Thanks to the influence of the low-carbon city forum, the institutions are willing to come and settle in Longgang. Currently, the International Low Carbon City is developing a big industrial park of energy saving and environmental protection, and its vanguard project, the East Environment-Friendly Power Plant, will be put into use in December next year. It can be said that an energy saving and environmental protection industrial chain featuring the industry-university-research cooperation is taking shape in Longgang

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