Records set by Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum
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A catch phrase of the Shenzhen people goes like this: Choosing green and low-carbon development is choosing the future. The success of the previous four consecutive sessions of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum has made the forum a strong brand and set numerous records.

The First Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Forum was successfully held in 2013 with the support from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province. The first carbon trading market in China was unveiled at that session.

At the Second Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Forum held in 2014, the Blue Sky Awards for Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization, with support from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), were also announced. Representatives from model parks, communities and enterprises gathered to celebrate their achievements.

At the Third Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Forum held in 2015, nine cities in the Pearl River Delta released the Shenzhen Declaration on Green and Low-carbon Development of Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration, creating new possibilities for green and low-carbon cooperation.

The Fourth Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Forum was held in 2016, a key time point which marks the first year for the implementation of China's 13th Five-Year Plan, the official release of the Five Development Concepts, and the conclusion of the Paris Agreement. As a key training event of China's 10-100-1000 Program for Addressing Climate Change, the 2016 Seminar on Policies and Actions for South-South Cooperation on Climate Change was widely accepted. The Seminar on National Low-carbon Pilot Cities/Towns and Campuses was the first seminar of its kind held in a local city outside the capital.  

Shenzhen is now home to China's earliest and most active carbon trading market, with the lowest carbon emissions intensity and energy consumption intensity among the country’s big cities. It also has the largest number of new energy vehicles and green buildings of the country. Its average PM2.5 concentration represents the best air quality among all sub-provincial level cities and above in China.

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