VC investors compete for over 15 green tech projects
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On the eve of the Fifth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, over 15 green and low-carbon, new energy and clean technology projects attract more than 20 venture capital firms, which expect to take a share of the green technology industry.

Most of the projects seeking investment this time come from the Pearl River Delta, and about five to seven projects come from Swede

n, Canada and other countries. On Sep. 7 and 8, a road show will be held for these projects, which includes the Offshore Wind Power Technology, Distributed Energy Utilization for District Heating, Chengtong Energy Management and Saving System, Project, Hydrogen Energy Project, Intelligent Outdoor Containers for Waste Sorting, Used Tire Recycling Project and Yingli Photovoltaic System Solution.

Over 20 venture capital firms, including Shenzhen Capital Group, Qianhai Wutong Mergers and Acquisitions Funds, Green Pine Capital Partners, Shenzhen Tsinghua Leaguer Venture Capital co.,, CDF-Capital and Innovation Development Hub, will be present at the roadshow.

Many projects feature eye-catching innovative technologies. The Fuel Cell Range Extender for Electric Vehicles developed by Canadian company Loop Energy Inc. has been under the spotlight of the market. With breakthrough fuel cell technology, it is the most compact, efficient and cost-effective fuel cell system which increases the range of all-electric heavy vehicles. Loop's zero-emission solutions have been proved to be successful. Recently, the company has also established a strategic partnership with a leading truck manufacturer inChina.

The district heating technology developed by Skandinavisk Termoekonomi AB of Sweden features district heating and cooling centering on the utilization of various sources, such as urban solid wastes, industrial wastes, wooden chips and peat, and on the planning and arrangement of heating pipelines. Their technology has been employed in the district heating pipelines in Stockholm.

The core technology of the district heating project also includes water and heat storage tanks. One domestic case of the application of the technology is the Hohhot Chengfa Heating Network. The Yingli Photovoltaic System Solution is employed in domestic areas without or lacking power supply, remote areas, islands, border posts, and emerging markets in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Yingli strives to be a leading photovoltaic solution provider in the Pearl River Delta with technology and products which provide affordable green electric power to the public, empowering low-carbon lifestyle with green energy.        

Intelligent Daylight Technology Company (INDIGO) brings about leading daylight solutions which generate natural light up to 24,000 lm. The company has been awarded 9 patents, with 16 patent applications. Currently, they are developing markets including China, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Middle East, and California of the U.S. The company is now working with Westfield and Google. Other projects, such as the Intelligent Outdoor Containers for Waste Sorting, Stone Plastic Degradable Film Project, and Wireless Charging, also catch the attention of investors.

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