Green and low-carbon lifestyle promoted in SZ
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In recent years, low-carbon cities have been actively developed all over the world and Shenzhen is no exception, which is making all efforts to build a green and low-carbon city.

On June 14, the "2017 National Low-carbon Day - Climate Photographic Exhibition” was unveiled at the Shenzhen Industrial Museum. An array of vivid pictures enabled more citizens and enterprises to realize the importance of paying attention to climate change.

Many social organizations and enterprises in Shenzhen have taken the initiative to promote the green, low-carbon and environmental protection education among adolescents. Last year, the Green and Low-Carbon Development Foundation joined hands with the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality to host the 2016 National Low-carbon Day - Carbon Awareness series of public benefit activities themed on environmental protection, which were held in the Shenzhen Foreign Language School Junior Division, Liyuan Primary School, OCT Eco-Plaza and Chenghan International School Shenzhen. The topics cover low carbon and environmental protection, climate change, and green technology. These activities helped raise the awareness among the youth regarding environmental issues and their responsibilities.

At the end of September last year, the Financial Center of Shenzhen Ping An hosted a large public benefit art campaign titled "Green Mountains, Clear Rivers, and Safe Future," at which, renown contemporary artist Gu Wenda led 1,500 children to create a huge painting called "Green Mountains and Clear Rivers," in a bid to raise the public awareness of environmental protection with action art.

At the end of 2016, the final competition of the Fifth Shenzhen Children for Environmental Protection -- Smart Baby Handcraft Contest was held by the Shenzhen Municipal Human Settlements Environment Commission and The 11 finalists selected from online audition presented their handcrafts made with waste materials, including decorations such as "Vase," "Beautiful Milky Way," "Shooting Trash Bin," and toys like "Magic Swing."

In order to promote green and environmental protection activities, the Shenzhen Green and Low-Carbon Development Foundation has installed near 200 plastic bottle collection machines in many subdistricts, schools and communities of the city with the theme of "All-People Participation in Green Lifestyle." It attracted nearly 20,000 active participants, and has recovered more than 140,000 plastic bottles.

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