Green and low-carbon represent the trend of the times and currently, all countries in the world are seeking sustainable development. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the Central Committee has placed the construction of ecological civilization in a strategic position in the “Five-in-One” overall layout for socialism with Chinese characteristics and made the significant decision for building a beautiful China. The Party Committee and Municipal Government of Shenzhen has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee and Guangdong Provincial Committee on strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, made efforts to construct the green and low-carbon economic system and comprehensively promote green transport, green buildings and green life to constantly improve the green content of development. During the “12th Five-Year” period, while maintaining its economic growth at medium and high speed and making its economic aggregate break through RMB1.75 trillion, Shenzhen accumulatively reduced its energy and water consumption per RMB10,000 GDP by 19.5% and 44.7%. Its intensity of energy and water consumption was about 60% and one ninth of the national level, and its emissions of COD, ammonia nitrogen, SO2 and oxynitrides accumulatively dropped by 45.8%, 37%, 43.5% and 23.8%. In 2016, it further reduced the energy and water consumption per RMB10,000 GDP by 4.1% and 8.9%, its emissions of COD, ammonia nitrogen, SO2 and oxynitrides respectively dropped by 8.6%, 5.2%, 10.2% and 3.4%, and its mean concentration of PM2.5 was 27 micrograms/m3, a drop of 10%. In these aspects, Shenzhen continued taking the lead among domestic cities and accomplished the “dual improvement” in economic quality and ecological quality.

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

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