Zhang Yong
Vice-minister of National Development and Reform Commission
Wang Weizhong
Standing Committee Member of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee
Lin Shaochun
Standing Member of the CPC Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Guangdong Province
Du Xiangwan
Academician and former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Honorary Director of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change
Liu Yanhua
Counselor of the State Council, Director of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change, former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Shi Dinghuan
Former Counselor of the State Council, former President of China Renewable Energy Society (CRES)
He Jiankun
Vice Director of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change, former Vice President of Tsinghua University
Francesco Profumo
Former Minister of Education Department (Italy), former President of Italian National Research Council (CNR)
Ai Xuefeng
Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government,Member of Party Leadership Group
Tang Jie
Former Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)
Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou
Bernd Dallmann
Councilor of the European Environment Foundation
Robert Jestin
President of France Brittany Eccorigin
Wang Yi
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Vice-president of Institutes of Science and Development of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Pan Jiahua
Director of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Li Tie
Chairman and Chief Economist of the China Center for Urban Development, Chairman of Smart City Development Alliance
Ralf Bredel
Representative and Head of Regional Office (China, DPR Korea, Mongolia) of United Nations Industrial Development Organization
CEO of WWF China
Wu You
Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen municipal government,Member of Party Leadership Group
Wang Shi
Honorary Chairman and Founder of Vanke Group,Secretary of Vanke Foundation
Al Gore
Founder and Chairman of “The Climate Reality Project”; Former Vice President of the United States
Annemarie Jorritsma
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Holland
Xie Zhenhua
China’s Special Representative for Climate Change
Ma Xingrui
Deputy Party Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee; Governor of Guangdong Province
Xu Qin
Governor of Hebei Province
Sha Zukang
Former Under Secretary General of United Nations
Qiu Baoxing
Counselor of State Council and Former Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Ken Livingstone
Former Mayor of London
Nicolas Gorjestani
Senior Adviser and Former Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer of World Bank
Naoko Ishil
Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Global Environment Facility
Eero Paloheimo
Member of the Finnish Committee for the Future
Wang Chuanfu
Board Chairman of BYD Co. Ltd
Patrick Kulgman
Deputy Mayor of Paris
George Apostolopoulos
Deputy Mayor of Athens, Greek
Arend Hilhorst
Former Vice Mayor of The Hague
Arab Hoballah
Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry in UNEP
Liang Dan
Counselor of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Former Director of Department of Trade
Margot Weijnen
Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy
Ren Nanqi
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology
Wu Shuoxian
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Professor of South China University of Technology
Zhang Jie
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhou Dadi
Deputy Director of China Energy Research Society
Li Junfeng
Former Director of National Strategic Research and International Cooperation Center for Climate Change
Ben Stewart
British Columbia's Special Representative in Asia
Ian G.Mckay
CEO of Vancouver Economic Commission
Li Xun
Secretary General of Chinese Society for Urban Studies, Deputy Dean of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Wang Jian
CEO of The Beijing Genomics Institute

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

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