Comments of President Xi Jinping on ecological civilization
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A sound eco-environment is the fairest public product, and represents the most inclusive welfare to the general public.


Ecological conservation and environmental protection benefit future generations.


Environment represents people’s livelihood, green hills represent beauty, and blue sky represents happiness.


We should firmly establish the concept of ecological red line. On issues of ecological and environmental protection, people should not cross the line or they will get punished


We want both green hills and clear waters and mountains of gold and silver. We should prefer green hills and clear waters to mountains of gold and silver, and green hills and clear waters are mountains of gold and silver.


We should correctly deal with the relationship between economic development and ecological environmental protection, firmly establish the concept that to protect the environment is to preserve our productivity and to improve the environment is to develop our productivity. We should more consciously promote green, circular and low-carbon development. Under no circumstances shall we sacrifice environment in exchange for the temporary economic growth.


Excerpt from People’s Daily (Page 1 of August 4, 2017) 

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