CEEX executive VP: We trade for future rather than carbon
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July 10, 2017 

Meng Meng, executive vice president of China Emissions Exchange (CEEX) in Guangzhou, has been engaged in carbon emission trading for years. For her, carbon emissions are exerting an increasing impact on the survival of the human being, though most people still know little about it. "Some of my friends think that I sell coal. But in fact, I am engaged in carbon emission rights trading.”

The concept of carbon emission rights trading was derived from pollution rights trading proposed by economists in 1990s. Pollution rights trading is a key economic policy for environmental protection in market economy countries.

In recent years, China has also gradually implemented carbon trading pilots. Though outsiders may think it a boring job, Meng finds it very interesting. She believes that their work will change people's living environment, and hopes that more enterprises and more people could understand and care more about carbon emissions.

"After all, we live on the same planet," said Meng.

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