GD wins Blue Sky Awards at low-carbon city forum
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The Fourth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, themed “Green and Innovation: New Momentum for Urban Transformation and Development, was unveiled June 17, 2016.

The number of countries with participants attending the forum exceeded the total of the previous three editions, and over 50 cutting-edge low-carbon and clean technologies were showcased at the forum for first time. The winners of the 2016 Blue Sky Awards for Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization were also announced on the same day. Several technologies from Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other cities of Guangdong claimed awards.

Highlighting green and innovation, the forum consisted of a main forum, 13 sub-forums, 5 seminars, various exhibitions and activities. Nearly 2,000 guests from over 40 countries and regions participated in the forum, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Paris of France and Athens of Greece.

On top of that, the 2016 forum set up a special exhibition area of over 2000 square meters for the First Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Clean Technology Exhibition. Exhibitors, including enterprises and research institutes in fields of clean energy, green building, energy saving and environmental protection, circular economy, clean production and low-carbon transportation, presented new technologies and new products such as non-fossil energy, carbon dioxide emission reduction, carbon capture, and circular economy.

"The exhibition showcases over 50 latest R&D achievements from cities and enterprises focusing on green and environmental protection, clean and smart technology. Among them, you can find research institutes such as Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering Physics and Research Center of New Energy Materials, as well as BYD and other enterprises engaged in low-carbon clean technology," said Cai Yu, director of the Organizing Committee Office and vice director of the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

The Blue Sky Awards, initiated by UNIDO-Shenzhen International Technology Promotion Center for Sustainable Development (ITPC) and organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, and Shenzhen Energy Corporation, was announced on the same day.

The winning technologies were selected by a board of prestigious experts, and would be utilized to promote large-scale applications of renewable energy in developing countries in order to address the short supply of traditional fossil fuels and mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas on the global climate and human environment.

The ten Blue Sky Award winners included Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the "Cellulose Aviation Fuel Technology," Shenzhen Energy North Holdings Co. for the "Innovative Model of Clean Heating with Wind Power" and Zhuhai Yinlong Energy Co. for the "Cylindrical Annular Lithium-titanate Battery."

The ten nomination award winners went to Shenzhen Suntel Solar Energy Investment Co. for "Side-type High-concentration Photovoltaics Technology", Shenzhen Super Aurora New Energy Corp for the "Superaurora 4th Generation CSP Technology", and Shenzhen Enesoon Science and Technology Co. for the "Wind - Light - Heat - Storage Solution".


Inside the venue of the forum.


Foreign guests attend the event.


A glimpse of the International Low Carbon City.



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