Road show for low-carbon and clean technologies, a highlight of the forum
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The Fifth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum, to be unveiled Sep. 7, 2017, will highlight the Road Show for International Low-Carbon and Clean Technology Exhibition, focusing on the industrialization of advanced technology in green and low-carbon field and facilitating the matching of projects with capital.

As of the time of this news release, more than 30 projects from home and abroad have been selected for the road show, covering clean technology, new energy, renewable energy, energy management, water treatment, green building, energy saving, VR and smart energy saving.

Over 20 venture investment institutions and capital investors from home and abroad have signed up for the forum, including Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Qianhai Wutong Mergers and Acquisitions Funds, Franklin Templeton Investments, Finergy Capital, Techcode and China Baoan Group Co.

The previous four editions of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum have been successfully held, serving as an important platform for exchanges on the development of low-carbon economy.

An array of important events were held during the forum, including the launching of China’s first carbon trading market, the release of BlueSky Award of Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization, and the debut of global advanced low-carbon technologies and projects, greatly promoting the industrialization of green and low-carbon technology, clean technology and new energy.

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

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