Five Highlights at CHTF
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The first highlight is promotion of quality in supply with innovation. The China High-Tech Fair (CHTF) 2017 is focused on future-proof, strategic, emerging and cross-industry fields, sending invitations to renowned companies and owners of new products and new technology. It showcases a diverse lineup of industry leaders and leading high-tech products as well as cutting-edge technology from around the world, enhancing the fair's role as a vane of technology.

The second highlight is openness and integration to promote international exchange and cooperation. Following the Belt and Road initiative, CHTF has enhanced efforts in inviting governments, associations, industrial organizations and prominent individuals from countries along the Belt and Road, and dedicated a hall to "The Belt and Road". At the same time, invitations have been sent to well-known overseas enterprises, universities, research institutions and other organizations as well as well-known overseas scientists, entrepreneurs, economists and other international celebrities. Committed to promotion of exchange and cooperation at home and abroad in terms of collaboration of production capacity and innovation, CHTF is playing the role as a platform and bridge in facilitating international cooperation for innovation.

The third highlight is transition and upgrade to facilitate industrial integration and development. This year, CHTF focuses on strategic and emerging industries, and the industries of the future, showcasing the latest progress of the next generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, biology, life and health, aerospace, military and civilian integration etc., as well as new industries, new forms and new models, such as the Internet plus, further integration of industrialization with information, next generation information technology and manufacturing, enhancing the fair's role as a vane of industry.

The fourth highlight is innovation-based startups to stimulate economic development. Centering on "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", CHTF is to present exhibitions themed on start-ups and "makers", giving opportunities for start-ups, small and micro technology businesses, technology innovators, innovative and enterprising students, domestic and foreign innovation centers and makers teams to present their works of innovation, creativity and making, and organize the "Maker's Night" and other social activities, to enhance the fair's role as a vane of innovation.

The fifth highlight is service and support to optimize the innovation ecosystem. The organizer has invited domestic overseas governments, enterprises, universities, research centers, engineering laboratories, research institutions, financial institutions, investment institutions, intermediaries, technology financing platforms, and is to hold project financing workshops, project financing roadshows, one-to-one project matching and talks, and other trade promotion activities, and provide services to innovators for sharing, training, coaching, review, consulting, recommendation, etc. for constantly optimizing the environment for innovation and promote the commercialization of scientific and technological results. 

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