Energy-Saver on Top Street of China
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In China, Changan Street is known by everyone as the top street of China. Changan Street starts at Jianguomen on the east, and ends at Fuxingmen, with a length of 13.4 kilometers. All major military parades have been held on this street. Line 1 buses run along Changan Street every day, nicknamed the "Big Line 1", which was first open in 1950 with a history of over 60 years.

Currently, brand-new all-electric buses with the best-selling Ingersoll Rand automotive silent piston air compressors are running on this top street of China. Air compressors are one of the three core components of electric vehicles. The Ingersoll Rand automotive silent piston air compressors provide reliable and stable power for activating the braking, air suspension, door and wipers systems of vehicles.


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 To meet the stringent requirements of the public transit operator, the dedicated compressor has been designed with light weight, compact size, low noise, ease of installation and other advanced concepts. “In detail, the Ingersoll Rand automotive silent piston air compressor combines an electric motor and cylinders, reducing the size by 40% compared to regular ones. It helps reduce the weight of the entire vehicle dramatically, thus reducing energy consumption to be more efficient and environmentally friendly,” Said Miao Gang, head of Asia-Pacific Service Market, Compression Technology and Service of Ingersoll Rand. "With advanced noise-reduction design from Ingersoll Rand, the noise of the unit can be controlled to less than 72 dB, giving a comfortable and quiet ride to passengers. Moreover, the product is adaptable to a wide range of the ambient temperature from -40℃ to +60℃, while remaining safe and reliable. ”

   During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Beijing Public Transport Group plans to procure 10031 all-electric buses to update its fleet, of which buses powered by new energy or clean energy will account for 80% in two years. This brings about a remarkable opportunity for enterprises like Ingersoll Rand with advanced energy-saving technology, by contributing to the realization of the Blue Sky Program through dramatic reduction in exhaust of motor vehicles.

 Why is improvement in efficiency of air compressors so important?

  As required by the Green Industrial Development Plan (2016-2020) promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water use per unit of industrial added value of large scale enterprises shall be reduced by 18%, 22% and 23% respectively, while the intensity of major pollutants of key segments shall be reduced by 20% during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. It is worth noting that one of the main tasks in the plan is "to keep improving energy efficiency of boilers, electric motors, transformers and other generic equipment, and organize and implement initiatives for enhancing energy efficiency of air compressors."

It is rare for a government plan to give requirements specific to a category of equipment, according to an expert of the industry. Why is improvement in efficiency of air compressors so important?

  Many people are unaware that compressed air is the second source of power to electricity. Statistics show that air compressors consume 7%-8% of the electricity generated in the country, so improvement in performance of air compressors is key to energy saving, emission reduction and development of low carbon economy.

   Ingersoll Rand released its Climate Undertakings as early as three years ago for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its operations and products by 2030 by setting a series of objectives in terms of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. As for air compressors, Ingersoll Rand keeps working on improvement in design and manufacturing to offer customers with energy-saving and efficient products. For example, Ingersoll Rand launches a new type of its R series air compressors with industry-leading indicators, with breakthrough and innovative performance in terms of air supply, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.


 Ingersoll Rand air compressor

  Moreover, Ingersoll Rand has been expanding applications of Energy Management Contracts for customizing equipment for the entire sites and subsequent operation and maintenance according to customer requirements or providing integrated energy saving solutions from Ingersoll Rand.

About 85% energy consumed by air compressors is dissipated as heat during the air compression process, which is tremendous wasting. With innovative technology from Ingersoll Rand, 80% energy which would be otherwise wasted during operation of air compressors are recycled as heat for use in production processes, or for heating and domestic hot water. Effective energy recycling helps plants realize their targets for energy saving and emission reduction. For example, Nanchang Hitachi has implemented the centrifugal air compressor and all-level heat recycling unit solution from Ingersoll Rand, which saves up to RMB 2.86 million every year. Along with continued implementation of contract energy management, the green value created Ingersoll Rand has become recognized, and it is closer to its Climate Undertakings.

 As of the end of 2016, Ingersoll Rand Climate Undertakings have helped reduce 6.70 million tonnes of CO2 emissions around the world, equivalent to the energy consumption by 700,000 families in a year, while the CO2 emissions of its own operations have been reduced by 23% compared with 2013. It is expected to reduce 50 million tones of its carbon footprint by 2030.


An Ingersoll Rand facility in summer

 "Combining our operating strategies and business opportunities with key global trends, such as climate change, would create long-term value for our employees, customers and the world", said Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand. “We have been devoted to driving sustainable development through business development and contribution to the society and the environment. The noteworthy progress of Ingersoll Rand in its "Climate Undertakings" sends a conspicuous signal to our employees, customers and shareholders, indicating that we are fully prepared to conduct business, production and operation is a responsible manner to address the demand of the society for development. Open and transparent communications we've been conducted in conveying the goal reflect our success and have consolidated our leadership in the industry.” 

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