Low-carbon Wedding Debuts in Hangzhou, Bringing the Newlyweds’ Environmental Protection Dream into Reality
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People often say low-carbon travel and lifestyle, but nobody says low-carbon wedding. However, this happened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province recently, which aroused widespread concern in China. More than 20 newlyweds held their first low-carbon weddings at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum. No luxury cars, fireworks and firecrackers appeared on their wedding ceremony, but they had in mind their environmental protection dream.

In many large and medium-sized cities and even some coastal rural areas in China, when a man and a woman get married, seven or eight or even a dozen luxury cars will be stretching endlessly, fireworks and firecrackers earsplitting, and banquets often arranged in dozens or hundreds. More than 20 newlyweds in Hangzhou are pursuing a distinct "low-carbon" wedding that features lower energy consumption, lower cost, and simpler form.

Wan Xueqin, a science teacher at Peizhi School in Jianggan District, Hangzhou, said that she saw the low-carbon wedding organized by Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum when she was preparing to get married, and after discussing with her husband, she signed up at first time. "I’m a science teacher, and I have been teaching students the philosophy of low carbon and environmental protection. However, I think that it is far from enough to educate students with the theory, and teachers should practice what one preaches."

It is reported that 20 newlyweds are from different positions, including teacher, journalist, doctor, bus driver, etc.; they are all young volunteers sticking to the frontline of low-carbon environmental protection cause. The determination to complete their great events in the form of low-carbon wedding aims to inspire more young people to abandon high-standard and high-consumption wedding cars and feasts. The wedding scene is located at the lake of Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum. The layout is novel and unique; decorations are made from green and recyclable materials. The newlyweds put on their wedding dresses, exchanged the low-carbon rings made from green plants and read the vow of love under the gaze ofrelativesand friends.

"The biggest characteristic of the wedding is that newlyweds voluntarily made donations to the green public welfare in order to plant low-carbon wedding memorial forest in Lin'an District of Hangzhou to offset all the carbon emissions on this wedding and reach carbon neutrality (one mu of carbon sink forest is expected to absorb about 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year)." said Ji Jinghang, Director of Hangzhou Low-carbon Science and Technology Museum; on the Tree-Planting Day of next year, the organizer will organize the newlyweds to plant the saplings in the field. The newlyweds can choose to plant a pair of ginkgo trees or a small Phoebe zhennan, and hang their nameplate on the trees to witness their endless love and shade the offspring.

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