Where is the green of Shenzhen?
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Vehicle stream, noise and floating dust are all the killers of life quality while green, flowers and clean air are the guarantee for life quality. As an “international garden city”, Shenzhen is filled with greenery, but the “peasants’ houses” can also be seen here in extremely high density. The ordinary property owners, who live in a city with so sharp contrast, may have deeper understanding of environment and life quality. In the noisy market, the developers notably highlight the environmental protection and green concept, such as green residence, water-loving residence, seaside residence and warm European town. To settle in a green homeland has also become the rational choice of the property owners.

Central Courtyard: An Important Indicator for Measuring the Grade of Residential Quarters

Central courtyard is the green sign commonly seen in the projects in Shenzhen. Some high-grade house buildings have the central courtyard. For example, the central courtyard of Jinhaiwan Garden is equipped with outdoor tennis, children’s amusement park, golf range, swimming pool and luxuriantly green landscape system; and the central courtyard of Bi Hua Ting Ju has such supporting facilities as planting area, swimming pool, jogging track and sky court. Both projects have the enclosed green space, and the green space and courtyard can be fully greened. From the contrastive analysis of the central courtyards in the above two project, it cannot be denied that the differences in facilities and landscapes of the central courtyard are the important means of producing product differences in the projects. The area and landscape design of the central courtyard have become the important indicators for measuring the grade of residential quarters. The residents living in the quarters are very pleased to walk, appreciate and receive friends in the central courtyard. The recreational central courtyard has expanded their living space.

Pan-Club Homestead: Combining Landscapes with Healthy and Recreational Facilities

The pan-club concept originated by Vanke Golden Homestead is the extension of green space. It fully mines the club functions and sets up the pan-club in the courtyard and the hanging garden in the empty space. Such homestead, which combines landscapes with healthy and recreational facilities, more emphasizes the openness and participation to enhance the interpersonal communication among the neighbors. It consists of two activity spaces: independent indoor club and participatory activity club. For example, in the participatory club are set some participatory activities, such as walking area, morning exercise area, rest garden for the elderly, children’s amusement area, rock-climbing field, Taiji playground and open-air performance field. The club and the central courtyard have been fully integrated as one. Life is fully displayed in the green homestead.


Eco-community: Open-style Humanistic and Ecological Community

From the point of community, the sharing of many things can result in complementing the resources. As the plot won by a developer is only a single one and the developer can’t make overall planning for the big area where the plot is located, the service means and green may be limited to some extent. The resource sharing is the integration of the resources within the area and avoids repeated construction. For example, the big eco-community of Overseas Chinese Town has a total area of 4.8 km2 and features the unique Yanhanshan “Country Park”, the rippling Yanqi Lake and the OCT Ecological Square with rustic charm as well as He Xiangning Gallery, Huaxia Art Center, Sculpture Park and other artistic halls and the urban sculpture corridor planned and laid out according to the walking space, and it gathers the domestic and foreign famous theme parks such as World Window, Splendid China, Chinese Folk Customs Village and Happy Valley. At the same time, the supporting facilities necessary for modern people’s living, such as bank, hospital, hotel, school and commercial outlets, are all available. Here, the natural environment and humanistic architectural scenery, and the modern life and travelling experience are mingled with each other, jointly constructing the open-style humanistic and ecological community.


Seaside Community: Imagination of Natural Seascape and Green  

The city of Shenzhen stretches like a belt and is faced with the sea on three sides; and its east and west abound in seascape resources. The natural seascape resources and green jointly give imagination of the theme of seaside community. The theme and imagination of the sea outline the visionary realm of harmony and happiness. The Azure Coast located in the west of Shenzhen Bay is a typical seaside community in Shenzhen. The community has the 1000-meter seaside landscape line rarely seen in Shenzhen. When the sky is high, looking across Shenzhen Bay, you can get a panoramic view of the urban scenery. In the morning, people run in the sea breeze or read under the coconut trees; in the evening, lovers walk close to each other or privately whisper in the lamp shadows. A kind of free, recreational, enjoyable and relaxing life gives utmost play in the seaside community.


Park Property: A Rising Tide Lifting All Boats

Parks have not only the landscape concept but also the recreation and health functions. Compared with rivers, lakes and seas, parks are not only used to see but can also be closely touched, so they are the genuine urban supporting facilities. Then, in a modern city, as the important part in an urban eco-system, parks will be precious and the price of park property will also rise. Meanwhile, it should be neglected that, in this international garden city of Shenzhen, parks can more reflect the cultural and value orientation of this city. The ecological greening of the Urban Oasis Garden located by the Central Park is interconnected with the Central Park and the human settlements coexist in harmony with the nature. The out-of-print Urban Oasis Garden also gives full expression to the ecological concept of landscape and interaction.


Water-loving Residence: Space for Harmonious Coexistence of Man and Nature

As the ancients said, “The virtuous find pleasure in hills and the wise finds pleasure in water”.  Loving water is the natural instinct of human beings. The water design of a community can not only provide a feast to residents’ eyes, but also make them fully enjoy the pleasure of water. For example, inside the Reclamation Area to be about to be transferred, there is an internal lake covering hundreds of thousands of square meters. At the junction between the whole Reclamation Area and the theme park of Overseas Chinese Town, there is an even bigger internal lake. The internal lake and the sea enhance each other’s beauty here and are fused together. The intervals between the internal lakes and between the internal lakes and the sea are connected by green. In the planning, the internal lakes are all surrounded by green landscapes, in which there are the well-established business facilities. And there are vehicle-free streets and large-scale ecological squares here. Inside and outside the beautiful scenery of the Reclamation Area will be the three-dimensional green, and the water body, green and surrounding building complex form the organic and harmonious living space for man and nature. Silhouetted by the buildings, the spirituality of water will give off glistening splendor.


Townhouse: Both Sky and Ground Available

Townhouse originally means the “terraced housing with sky and ground, independent courtyard and garage”. As a type of residence appearing after WWII when the Western countries developed new towns, townhouse is formed by several three-storeyed residences standing in parallel. It features the unique charm that apartment lacks, such as courtyard complex and neighbor awareness; and its courtyard can be used for living, playing games, outdoor cooking and dining, hanging up the clothes, gardening, entertaining friends and storing sundries. The children under 3 years will spend most of their outdoor time inside the courtyard. China Overseas’ Yicui Villa first launched the concept of townhouse in Shenzhen, and Vanke’s Four Season Flower City also launched the townhouse residences oriented to the common people. Man’s requirements for living space are endless, and this space is not in the physical sense but is more likely to be in the natural, humanistic and social sense.


(Contributed by Zhou Qiang with SEZ Daily)

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