“Green Campus” Adding Luster to Shenzhen
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As a leading city in China’s economic development, Shenzhen has attached great importance to the development of building energy efficiency and green buildings. Several colleges and universities have built the point-to-line and line-to-point ecological campuses with green buildings as guidance and green environment as cardinal line.



Colleges and Universities Coming Up with Brilliant Ideas

for Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction


In order to materialize the word “green” on the campus, the colleges and universities in Shenzhen have each shown their special skills and successfully created their own methods of energy saving and emissions reduction.


Shenzhen Polytechnic has made great achievements in energy saving and emissions reduction and successfully become a national-level saving-oriented public institution demonstration unit, a saving-oriented demonstration college of Guangdong Province and a water-saving unit of Guangdong Province. Proceeding from energy saving in its management, rules, technical innovation and publicity of training concept, this polytechnic has solidly carried out various activities and effectively boosted the progress of energy saving work. Its students and faculty have gradually established the awareness of sustainable development and constantly enhanced their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of constructing a saving-oriented campus.


As the pacesetter of colleges and universities in energy saving and emissions reduction, South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is not to be outdone and has opened up its own unique new path of energy saving and emissions reduction. It has gradually explored a path of green campus construction with on-site diagnosis as the basis, with green indicator system as the core and by implementing the indicator design requirements through special engineering design and timely feeding backing and improving the indicator system.


SUSTC has its own highlights in green campus construction. It has made intensified use of water resources; carried out the sorting, crushing and screening of construction waste and made recycled aggregate from such waste so as to recycle it; made use of renewable energy by virtue of solar photo-thermal and photovoltaic energy; and applied computer simulation technology to optimize the physical environment of the campus. These measures have provided valuable experience for late-comers and opened up a new path for promoting energy saving and emissions reductions on the campuses of colleges and universities.



New Technology of Big Data Applied in Energy Saving on Campus


How on earth to construct a green and ecological campus? How to make energy saving and emissions reduction really enter campus and fused with campus? Shenzhen Polytechnic has systematically installed the smart power and water control systems and adopted a large number of new energy-saving tools, such as smart electric meter, smart water meter, solar photovoltaic, air source heat pump, LED lamps, water and electricity-saving utensils, energy management contracting and energy-saving monitoring platform. Thus, energy audit can be promoted and implemented and the energy use efficiency can be further improved. Shenzhen Polytechnic has also collected and made systematic analysis on the big data information fed back from these energy-saving and emission-reducing products, so as to constantly make improvements in energy saving management and improve the effect through technology. 

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