Green Business Opportunities to Be Found in the Construction of Beautiful Villages and Small Town with Unique Features
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Recently, the Second China (Shenzhen) Ancient Village and New Countryside Theme Exhibition & Countryside Fair opened in Shenzhen. When attending the Forum, Yang Xiaomao, Board Chairman of IEREC, said, “If the problem of environmental protection is not solved, there will be no beautiful villages, and without beautiful villages, there will be no beautiful China.” With regard to the problems of ecological environmental pollution and capital bottleneck facing the construction of beautiful villages (small towns with unique features), Chairman Yang proposed that an overall solution strategy should be implemented, in which the front end should carry out comprehensive environmental control and ecological restoration, the back end should conduct industrial upgrading and green development, and the development fund should be used as guidance to attract social capital to break the capital bottleneck. Through the riverside environmental governance and the comprehensive control of rural environment, we should carry out the overall governance of the environmental problems in villages and towns and improve their environmental quality as a whole to support the construction of beautiful villages (small towns with unique features).


In recent years, quite a few domestic environmental protection enterprises have made efforts to study the difficult problems of environmental pollution control, particularly in the fields of comprehensive improvement of rural environment and the riverside environmental governance. For the rural domestic waste water, they have developed the artificial quick-seepage sewage treatment technology, which is one of the few important original ecological and low-carbon technologies for sewage treatment in China; for the rural garbage, they have set up the garbage collection and treatment system featuring “classification by households, collection by groups, transfer by villages and treatment by towns”; and for the pollution caused by livestock breeding, they have proposed the new mode of combining planting and breeding and based on the fermentation bed ecological cultivation technique, they have set up the new mode of combining planting and breeding, which can not only realize the “zero pollution emission” in livestock breeding but can also realize the recycling of agricultural wastes. With regard to the riverside governance, some environmental protection enterprises have proposed the innovative mode of R-eMC (Riverside Environmental Quality Management Contract), endeavoring to forge the ecological homestead featuring blue sky, green land, clean water and beautiful villages for the nation and for the countryside. 

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