How Amazing the Road Show for Low-Carbon Projects!
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The Road Show for international low-carbon and clean technology projects is a major event of this session of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City (ILCC) Forum. After years of accumulation, the Forum has formed the gathering of technologies, projects and industries. The project road show solemnly launched during this Forum aims to promote the industrialization of high-quality technologies and the project financing. 

It consisted of two sessions: new energy and clean technology. The new energy session gathered the internationally advanced solar energy, hydrogen energy and wind power projects, the advanced and unique energy storage projects, and the new-energy automobile aftermarket and other projects; and the clean technology session gathered eco-friendly new materials, new technologies for garbage disposal, creative plant factory, ecospace and other projects. Most of the technologies have been patented and globally advanced. As most of them have entered the VC stage, they feature very high investment value.


Expert Team Headed by Academician

This Road Show features a strong line-up of experts headed Mr. Chen Yong, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and expert in energy and environmental engineering technology, and it also invited Ms Liang Dan, Senior Advisor of Investment and Technical Promotion of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO); Mr. Zhao Yongli, Chief of South-South Cooperation Division of China International Technical Exchange Center; Xi Wenhua, Director of UNIDO International Solar Energy Center for Technology Promotion and Transfer; Cheng Yufu, President of the Chinese Region of R20-Regions of Climate Action; Zhang Youyi, an international expert in energy saving and environmental protection; Li Jun, a famous CEFE tutor; and Liu Xiaoling, an expert with National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation.


Strong Line-up of Capital Investors

More than 30 famous investment institutions at home and abroad participarted in the Road Show, including Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd, Qianhai Wutong, Franklin Templeton Investments, Finergy Capital, Green Pine Capital, Fortune Capital, Techcode, Tamarace Capital, Tsinghua Leaguer and CICC Ansheng.


Welcome more capital investors and industrial players to participate!

Sep.7, 2017  Session of New   Energy

13:30 -14:00

Participants sign in

14:00 -14:10

Guest delivers a speech

14:10 -15:30

Wireless Charging Project   Based on Magnetic Coupling Technology

The Fourth-Generation   Compound Concentrating Technology Containing Thermal Storage System (CSP)   Optothermal Power Generation Project 

YGE Photovoltaic System   Solution Project

Aerospace PEM Water   Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Technology Project

15:30 -15:45

Tea Break


Project of Fuel Cell Stacks   and Range Extenders of Electric Vehicles   

Dynamic Ice Storage Air   Conditioning Project

Mobile Power Supply   Excavator and Power Assembly Sharing Platform Project

Coordinated Smart Power   Grid Project

New-Energy Automobile   Aftermarket Testing and Overhaul Platform Project

Liquid Expressway Pipe Network Project


Master of ceremony declares   this session is over.


  Sep. 8, 2017  Session of Clean Technology

8:30 - 9:00

Participants sign in.

9:00 - 9:05

Guest delivers a speech.

9:05 - 10:20

PVC Degradable Membrane   Project

Project of Technology   R&D and Manufacturing of Soil Restoration Equipment

Distributed Organic   Material Treatment and Resources Recycling Project

Intelligent Waste   Classification and Collection Equipment Project


Tea Break


Xicui (喜萃) Smart Plant Factory Project

Project of Super Lab for VR   Teaching

Intelligent Vending Machine   Cloud Platform Project

Forest Aerobic Ecospace   Project

Project of Low-Carbon Towns   with the Characteristics of Xiaomo Town


Guest delivers a summary   speech, and the master of ceremony declares this session is over.


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