SZ to become a sustainable and innovative city
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Shenzhen, as a pioneer of reform and opening up and a leader in high-tech industries in China, is introducing measures to build it into a world-class city of sustainable development and innovation by 2030.

Recently, Shenzhen released the "Plan of Shenzhen Municipality for Sustainable Development (2017-2030) (Draft for Comments)" ("Plan") and the "Proposal for the Construction of National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone in Shenzhen (2017-2020) (Draft for Comments)" ("Proposal"), to be the early pathfinder for sustainable development in the country.

The Plan defines three stages, i.e. short-, medium- and long-terms: By 2020, Shenzhen will complete the building of a National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone; the contribution by science and technology advancement will reach 63 percent; the added value of strategic emerging industries accounts for more than 42 percent of GDP; and certain industries stay at the high end of the global value chain. By 2025, Shenzhen will become a globally advanced city in terms of sustainable development, with significantly improved supply of public goods and services, and generally affordable and available housing for citizens. By 2030, Shenzhen will become a world-class city of sustainable development and innovation, to have created a series of sustainable development practices for replication around the world.

To address the bottleneck issues which restrict sustainable development, Shenzhen has identified five key tasks: building an innovative and vibrant city with greater international influence, a green and low-carbon city for life and work, a smart and convenient city with more high-tech elements, a city of inclusive development of high quality, and a city of opening and sharing with more inclusive cooperation.

 Centering on the development of a demonstration zone, Shenzhen has formulated 16 specific measures including those for optimizing the organization of research activities, innovating the allocation mechanisms for science and technology resources, improving the mechanisms for attracting high-level overseas talents, innovating the financial service modes for science and technology, optimizing the mechanisms for managing and controlling resources and environment, and strengthening the legislative guarantee for sustainable development and the development of carriers.

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

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