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2018 “BlueSky Awards” Now Open for Application Globally


The “BlueSky Awards” represent competitions in green and low carbon sector around the world. Six yearly competitions have been successfully held under the sponsorship of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), having generated noteworthy influence in China and the rest of the world. To actively respond to climate change and other global ecological challenges, promote clean and green lifestyle, and facilitate sustainable development of in energy and environment around the world, the 2018 “BlueSky Awards” competition is now officially kicked off and open for applications from candidate projects around the world. Information below:


Sponsor: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Organizer: Secretariat of “BlueSky Awards” committee

 II. Awards

1. “BlueSky Awards” for World’s Leading Technology of Renewable Energy with Best Value of Investment.

Open to technical applications in utilization of clean energy, including solar energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, energy saving, water energy, marine energy and environmental protection.

2. “BlueSky Awards” for Pioneer Cities in Green and Low Carbon Field.

Open to pilot and model cities globally with nominations for green low carbon awards.

3. “BlueSky Awards” for Excellent Individuals with Great Contributions in Green and Low Carbon Field. 

Open to individuals who have made remarkable contributions to green and low carbon development around the world.

 III. Evaluation Criteria

Candidates will be reviewed by an authoritative panel of experts, and the finalists will be nominated by the panel through voting. The selection will based on ratings of objective indicators in addition to those given by the panel.

 IV. Application

Candidates including technology, cities and individuals may be recommended by experts, owners of candidate technology, city departments and individuals can submit their applications to the Secretariat of the "Blue Sky Awards" committee via emails.

Time for submission: Feb 10th –May 30th, 2018


V. Ceremony

The 2018 "BlueSky Awards" ceremony will be held at the sixth Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum in September 2018. The awards will be presented in Shenzhen, China.

For more information please visit the websites and download the application forms:

Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum


Shenzhen International Technology Promotion Center for Sustainable Development 



Contact Us:

For the information of BlueSky Awards” for the Most Investment Value and Advanced Technology in Global Renewable Energy Field, please contact

Ms. GUO Yumei   Tel: +8675583684221     13923719576

Email: blueskyawards@126.com


For the information ofBlueSky Awards” for Pioneer Cities in Green and Low Carbon Field &BlueSky Awards” for Excellent Individuals with Great Contributions in Green and Low Carbon Field, please contact

Ms. PENG Fei   Tel: +8613632832109

Email: blueskyawards@silcforum-center.com

Organization Committee of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City Forum

Add: 3069, Zone C, Citizens Center, Fuzhong Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Tel:+86 (755) 88125762

+86 (755) 88120439

SHENZHEN Development Center of International Low Carbon Forum

Add: East Part, Floor 2, Auxiliary Building, SZMDRI Building, No. 3007, Sungang Road West, Futian District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-83884888-372

Email: de_lowcarbonforum@yeah.net

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